Zoe Woods and Yusuf Woods

NOTICE 1.12.18

Please note that the only official updates authorized regarding Yusuf Woods and Zoe Woods aside from their official website are from their official fan pages above and links herein: ( and when notices, events and releases are available.

*** As of 2018 Yusuf Woods does not have a personal Facebook page outside of these links. Please continue to report any personal page found using his image or likeness falsely. You may also email us the URL for the impersonation.*** Only the authors two fan pages listed here are permitted to display their content on Facebook.


NOTICE 11.1.17

Author Yusuf Woods and Author Zoe Woods would like to thank their following of fans, friends, and family for the tremendous amount of support received over the years since their debut novel release. Their hard work has paid off and they've moved to greater opportunities to include the publishing, writing, and film industry. This is all thanks to to your support!

As of 11/1/17 Man Up Publications will not be releasing any further novels, however we're pleased to announce that the author's future works will now be released under a new and larger publishing house! Please click above to connect with the authors official fan page for updates! All currently released books and eBooks can be purchased in, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, Books a Million and may be available at your local book store.

All future updates, events, and releases will be posted on our new website.

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