Man Up Publications will not be releasing any additional titles and has now merged with a larger publishing house. Additional information is available on the new company site for previous subscribers for the interim. This site will be maintained for legal purposes only and may not have updates on events or new projects.

If you’ve reached this website due to being fraudulently contacted by an individual harassing you or violating the terms of your website regarding Mr. Yusuf Woods or Mrs. Zoe Woods, please be informed we are aware of this person and there are multiple warrants for their arrest. The Woods’ have not authorized anyone to act on their behalf and any official communication will come from their business address.

The official social media sites for Books and the Authors can be accessed by visiting: and only. 

Outside of the official fan pages above, Yusuf Woods does not have a personal Facebook page as of 2018. Please report any impersonation accounts.

Any inquiries can be submitted below. If your company/organization has been contacted by anyone on behalf of the authors that you feel is not legitimate or harassing and abusive, please let us know so that we may review and contact authorities if necessary.