Statement from author Zoe Woods: 

"Super big thank you again to everyone who has supported us! Yusuf and I are forever grateful to our readers. Because of your long standing support, we've been given great opportunities and have been in this game for over a decade! We've got a new website and will no longer be using our personal Facebook accounts to update our readers. We've updated most of you on how to contact us and because of the situation below, we're keeping these details from our public fan page for now. We will allow some details on Facebook fan page and our Blood of My Brother fan page occasionally. Our fan pages will be monitored and you can submit messages on those pages with feedback or questions about our work and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Previously I permitted a post to be presented on this website regarding an insanely unfortunate situation where a female was harassing, attempting to impersonate us, harass our children, and threaten our family since 2015. This was extremely personal but also important to share so that others are aware of the fraudulent activity and also the dangers and awareness of stalkers, cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, harassment, and death threats, whether online or in person. I'm glad that my notice helped some of you and brought awareness to the situation. There is a protective order against her, ordering her to not make any contact directly or through other people and warrant for this persons arrest now that she's been identified, just to update those who inquired or were somehow affected. Thank you for your prayers as well and especially my friends and family!

We do not condone responding to this type of situation. Ignore, block, contact authorities if necessary if you're even remotely under similar circumstances. Continue to live your life normally and let the proper channels handle the matter, but first and foremost hand it over to God. Your safety and peace of mind are priority and that is imperative to remember.

Yusuf will not be commenting on this personal matter. We're protective of both our privacy as much as possible and our children and that's what is most important. Everyone that reached out and gave information and support, I really appreciate it. It was passed to me and know that I received your messages and will get to go through them all eventually. Though we've had to change all of our contact numbers and email addresses both personal and business, be assured that we've resumed operations on our new website and have a great technology investigator. Again, although we're not very active on social media, we encourage our legitimate fans to connect/follow and keep up to date with what we're working on and events that may be in your area. Wait until you see what's next! Love & light to each one of you."

- Mrs. Zoe Woods