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Words cannot express how the support and encouragement from our loyal readers over this past decade has influenced and helped us succeed. Without you all, we wouldn't have reached this place we're at today! Forever humbled and thankful for you🙏. I realize that our approved statement recently released on our website and fan page has many of you concerned about us and our children. Your prayers are appreciated and we trust that God will intervene accordingly and our company has handled this matter professionally and with class...thank you to my assistants and reps. We've ignored this person, blocked them countless times, changed our personal and business phone numbers etc for quite sometime and unfortunately after two and a half + years of harassment escalating to death threats and having this person continually trying to find us and get close to us, it's long overdue that this person be apprehended and gets the help they need. We'll protect our children, whom this person has cyber-stalked (created fake accounts to follow and watch) and harassed by phone as well as protect our loved ones at all cost. This is beyond disturbing to our family. This situation was made public via our website at the advice of legal counsel and due to the fraudulent statements, impersonation, and defamation they've committed. We have not yet released this person's name but she has been identified and as the previous statement mentions, there is an active arrest warrant for her which she's aware of. Yusuf and I will continue to do what we do best, live our lives privately and progress in our careers. We don't have the time to deal with the foolishness and harassment going on. This negativity is not part of the life we live and I pray for this person. Neither of us have Snapchat accounts, we have one official Facebook fan page. It is exclusively for fans to follow: ( Both of our Instagram pages and personal Facebook pages are private. Yusuf is not commenting anything additional nor has he allowed anyone to speak on his behalf aside from myself or official business representatives as listed on this website. He has not released any additional statements or appointed anyone else to speak on his business and he is not commenting on any private matters. Our family & friends know us, however for those that don't, anything stated other than this is fraudulent and I encourage you to continue to report this illegal activity! We don't have dating profiles or sex ads out. Lastly, this person has used our book cover profile photos and other people's bodies for fake account creation in our names for such websites. We don't understand the maliciousness, repeated disregard for the law, and desperation of this person but we're clearing that right up. As parent's this is something we've explained to our children who also cannot understand why there are grown people who do this type of stuff in the world. We're both strong and focused on what's important, family, progression and positivity and will get through this. Life is so blessed! We look forward to sharing our exciting new projects with you! Thank you all again for your messages. Love & light to each one of you. - Mrs. Zoe Woods