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Author Yusuf Woods and Author Zoe Woods would like to thank their following of fans, friends, and family for the tremendous amount of support received over past ten years since their debut novel release. Their hard work has paid off and they've moved to greater opportunities to include the publishing, writing, and film industry. This is all thanks to to your support.

Man Up Publications will not be releasing any further novels, however we're pleased to announce that the authors future works will now be released under a new and larger publishing house! As we near the release of their next work, we advise our site visitors to read the notice below which we regret to have to inform you of. Due to these circumstances, we have developed a more secure way to reach and inform our followers while we work with the appropriate authorities to handle the aforementioned circumstances. Please click above to connect with the authors official fan pages for updates! All currently released books and eBooks can be purchased in Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, Books a Million and may be available at your local book store.



Since 2015, the Woods family has learned that they have a stalker, a female individual whose identity has been confirmed residing in Garnet Valley Pa and Middletown DE. This individual has attempted to not only harass, make death threats, and cyber-stalk Yusuf and Zoe Woods and their children, but also create false statements regarding the couple and has apparently developed a very disturbing obsession with Mrs. Zoe Woods, constantly trying to contact using a multitude of fictitious usernames and fake profile photos, follow, threaten, impersonate the couple by using the copyrighted head-shot photos above, hacking accounts, and theft. Neither Yusuf or Zoe are connected to this person in any way, both have confirmed and sworn. There is currently an outstanding warrant for this female's arrest and a new protective order effective October 2017. This action was taken due to the overwhelming evidence and proof of threats made by this individual towards the Woods family continuously over the years, including to-date, posts on the Woods' fan pages attempting to make contact and harass. We have received messages from many of you who have also reported seeing this person's harassing and threatening posts on social media. Thank you for your assistance with this matter, as we have also hired specialists to investigate as this individual is evading law enforcement and has not yet turned herself in. For those of you who've offered to testify to the material you've seen or received, we appreciate your offer and we will follow up with you as quickly as possible.

This person is not to harass, threaten, or have contact with the Woods' family, contact their business in any way or stalk them. Any material you've obtained is very helpful to us. If you or your business have been harassed or affected by this person, we can direct you to the appropriate parties to assist with reporting and investigating. This is a very serious matter and no one should be in fear for their life, their family's life, harassed and stalked. These types of obsessions, fraudulent and delusional statements made by this individual and harassment are matters for law enforcement to handle and we do not recommend that anyone reply to this person or contact them in any way, this is for your own safety. Simply continue to report their post or page to the social media outlet or to us. If you feel you are in danger or view a threat against the Woods', please call 911.

The Woods family does not engage in internet antics or associate with any person acting in this heinous manner. Their children, family, career, and own well being are their main focus and they will have no further comments regarding this matter.

Please direct all business inquiries to the representative below using our contact form. We will try to respond within one business day by email. If your inquiry requires a call back, please detail the dates and times you are available and I, J. Hernandez will contact you directly at the agreed upon time/date after it is confirmed.

The Woods' family has not authorized anyone outside of their appointed representative and/or legal counsel to speak on their behalf. Mrs. Zoe Woods has directly released a personal statement on this website which can be accessed by clicking on the button above. This website will remain an official site for Yusuf Woods and Zoe Woods until further notice is provided here.

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